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Cloud modification for hail suppression and rain enhancement via aircraft
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Partenavia PN68

Partenavia PN68
    Range of Action: Europe

    Heavy thunderstorms including showers of hail are occuring more frequently nowadays due to the overallchange in climate causing bad environmental and agricultural damage. On the other hand there are periods when certain areas dry up for lack of  rain. We need not accept these natural disasters any longer. By simply seeding the clouds with harmless chemicals we may suppress the hail transforming it into rain. The same means will bring rain to desert-like areas.

Piaggio P 149D

Piaggio P 149D

  • Experienced team of pilots specialized in weather modification and hail suppression since 1978.
  • We provide an economic solution: Hail suppression projects work with a cost and benefits analysis of C/B = 0,04!
  • Since 1990 we have been contracted by the Country-Government and private agriculture in Germany.

The aircraft are equipped with two silver-iodide-acetone generators type HSE11
Instruction, Training, Type Rating, Check-Flights on Partenavia PN 68, Chartering of aircraft for type-rated Pilots. Permanent availability of safety-pilots.
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